Lake Manley Yacht Club Scenes

21 February and 25 March 2005

Lake Manley was a very large lake during the Pleistocene, about 10,000 years ago.   Since then it has completely dried up, EXCEPT during very rare events when there is a unusually high amount of rainfall in Death Valley, such as occurred during the 2004-2005 rainyear.   The bottom of the lake, which is usually entirely exposed, has an elevation of 242 feet below mean sea level, at Badwater, the lowest point in Death Valley.   In early 2005, the lake reappeared, a mere semblance of it's former self, to offer a select few individuals to join the exclusive Lake Manley Yacht Club.

Membership in the Lake Manley Yacht Club is open to all who take the initiation challenge.   Membership is offered to all those that can prove they have boated on Lake Manley.   Proof can be in the form of photographs or notorized affidavits of actually boating on this lake, and your boat actually floated (occasional keel dragging exempted).   Membership is free (except for the initiation) and for life.

Charter members of the Lake Manley Yacht Club include:
David L. Magney (Ojai, CA)
Nancy L. Breslin (Malibu, CA)
Greg Smith (Ventura, CA)
(your name could be here).

Silver Lake Yacht Club
While we were at it, we also formed the Silver Lake Yacht Club, located just north of Baker, California.   Winter and Spring 2005 found this dry desert lake full of water, and begging for boating members.   David Magney and Nancy Breslin are founding (charter) members of this ephemeral yacht club too.   You can join too, as long as you can prove that you became initiated properly.

All photographs copyrighted by David L. Magney 2005

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Photos of Lake Manley, Death Valley

Lake Manley as seen from atop the Panamint Mountains

Two unknown charter members kayaking on the lake on 22 February 2005.   If this is you, send in your names and proof, and we will add you to the list of charter members.

A little over a month later and the lake level has dropped at least a foot, leaving a maximum depth of about 2 feet (enough for canoes and kayaks)

Two other (unknown) members of the club in their stubby canoes

Silver Lake Yacht Club charter members taking maiden voyage on the usually bone-dry Silver Lake

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