Panamint Mountains Scenes - Aguereberry Point

19 February 2005

The Panamint Mountains, which divide Death Valley from Panamint Valley, is the tallest and longest range within Death Valley National Park.   Telescope Peak, at over 10,000 feet above mean sea level, is the highest peak in the park and on the Panamint Mountains.   The entrance to Death Valley from the west via Wildrose Canyon takes you by a dirt road that leads to Aguereberry Point.   Aguereberry Point provides spectacular views up and down Death Valley and clear across the valley, when not shrouded in clouds, a rare occurrence though.

All photographs copyrighted by David L. Magney 2005

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Photos of Aguereberry Point, Panamint Range

Views of Death Valley as seen from Aguereberry Point on the east edge of the Panamint Range overlooking Death Valley.

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