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These pages include photographs and information on selected species of natural areas, plants, and wildlife encountered by David Magney, as well as a few other unrelated subjects, including old International trucks and manhole covers.   Some topics go down several levels, so keep diving deeper to find more interesting, more specific information and photographs.   For example, the link to the California Desert page and links to pages for specific areas of the California desert, such as Death Valley, the Granite Mountains, etc., and some of those have multiple pages as well.   I try to keep the number of photographs on any one page less than 20 images to keep the download times as short as possible.   Any of my photographs are available for purchase, and I usually have higher resolution JPEG versions available.
All photographs copyrighted by David L. Magney 1978-2011, unless otherwise noted.

This page last updated: 11 December 2011

California Area Photographs and Information

California Desert - Photos and info of various parts of the California desert, including the Mojave Desert and Death Valley.
Plant photos are arranged alphabetically by botanical name.   Wildlife photos are arranged by group and scientific name.

Ventura County Photos - urban & natural landscape scenes of Ventura County, including City of Ojai and Cluff Vista Park.
Ventura County Flora [Plants and lichens of Ventura County]

Inner North Coast Ranges - focusing on Bear Valley/Walker Ridge (Colusa County), Middleton area in Lake County. [under construction - someday soon]

Northern Sierra Nevada & Foothills - Photos and info of various parts of the Northern Sierra Nevada and foothills, including South Yuba River, Spenceville Wildlife Area, and Grouse Ridge. [under construction]

Southern Sierra Nevada & Foothills - Photos and info of various parts of the Southern Sierra Nevada and foothills, including Camp Nelson/Tule River area. [under construction]

Wildlife Photographs and Information

Ventura County Wildlife [Photos and information about various species of wildlife found in Ventura County, including terrestrial land snails, insects, freshwater fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals]
Calif Desert Wildlife [under construction - some day I will get to it]

Utah Photographs and Information

Utah Photos [some pages up, including Boulder Mountain, Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument, Capitol Reef National Park.   To come are Capitol Reef, Zion, Cedar Breaks, and Bryce Canyon National Parks, Henry Mountains, Wasatch Range, Moab area, and Valley of the Gods and Monument Valley pages]

Latin America Photographs and Information

Chile (December 2004) - touring Santiago, Puerto Montt, Yerba Loca, Cochomo Valley, and Puyehue National Park.
Chile-Argentina [a sampling of photos]
Argentina-Patagonia Plants [under construction] - scenes and plants from in and near Bariloche.
Costa Rica [April 2001 and December 2005] - seeing both coasts and the mountains in between.

Scandinavia Photographs and Information

Sweden (August 1992, June-July 1996, July 2003) - touring Göteberg, Öland, Stockholm, Uppsala, Borås, Kinna, Örebro, Kalmar, Dalarna, Abisko, Småland, Blekinge, Åland. [under construction]
Norway (August 1992, June-July 1996, July 2003) - touring Oslo, Kristianstad, Stavanger, Bergen, Flåm, Voss. [under construction]

Lichen Information and Photographs of Lichens

Lichens [a sampling of the different basic types of lichens, focusing on those found in California]

Old International Trucks

Old International Trucks

Collector Plates - Collection for Sale

Collector Plates - for Sale - by Edgar Magney

Other Things of Little or No Importance

Manhole Covers of the World (includes covers from Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, California, Colorado, and Utah)

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