Ventura County Natural Places

Updated 18 October 2008

Ventura County is geographically diverse, rich, and interesting.   Ventura County possesses a flora of over 2,000 species (including subspecies and varieties) of native and nonnative vascular plants, plus a few hunderd species of lichens, and fewer bryophytes (mosses and liverworts).   Ventura County is located between Santa Barbara, Kern, and Los Angeles Counties, and the Pacific Ocean, in southern California.   Ventura County occurs within the Southwest Bioregion of the California Floristic Province.   All Ventura County mountains are part of the Transverse Ranges, the only east-west trending mountain ranges in California.   Selected natural areas of Ventura County are presented on the following webpages.
All photos copyrighted by David L. Magney 2003-2008

Ojai Valley Area
Santa Monica Mountains [coming soon]
Pine Mountain Region
Pollard Point [a newly named ridge located in the center of Ventura County]
Frazier Mountain Region

General Map of Ventura County

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