Cochamó Valley Landscape Scenes and Plants

December 2004

The Cochamó Valley is a glacially carved deep valley in the Andes Mountains in the Lake District of Chile.   The valley trends east-west, and rivals Yosemite Valley of California in its ruggedness and granite domes and cliffs.   The vegetation consists of temperate rainforest.   There are no roads into the valley, only old eroded trails and a few wilderness huts and a private rustic lodge.   Waterfalls abound.

All photos copyrighted by David L. Magney 2004.

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Photos of Landscape Scenes of the Cochamó Valley
Vistas, Forests, Rivers, Domes, and Waterfalls

A variety of landscape scenes from the valley

Campo Aventura's rustic wilderness lodge about 30 km up Cochamó Valley at La Junta

Campo Aventura lodge near mouth of Cochamó Valley

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