Cochamó Valley Landscape Scenes and Plants

December 2004

The Cochamó Valley is vegetated with a dense mixed temperate rainforest.   The most common tree is a species of Southern Beech, Nothofagus spp., similar to humid temperate forests of North America.

All photos copyrighted by David L. Magney 2004.

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Photos of Vascular Plants of the Cochamó Valley

Fuchsia magellenica, Chilco, Hardy Fuchsia - Onagraceae (Evening-primrose family), a native bush Fuchsia common in the Lake District

Embothrium coccineum, Notro - Proteaceae (Protea family)

Caldcluvia paniculata, Tiaca or Triala - Cunoniaceae (Cunonid family) in flower bud.

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