Scenes of Puerto Montt Environs

December 2004

Puerto Montt is a small port city in southern Chile, and located in an inland valley on the west foot of the Andes.   The city is fairly small, but sprawling up the hillsides.   The city is a mix of old and new buildings, with the tourist and fishing industry focused at the port.   Puerto Montt is located near the southern end of the Lake District of Chile, at latitude 41.5 degrees south, and at the northern end of a large inland bay.   Puerto Montt is currently the southern end of the Pan-American Highway, and surface travel further south requires boat transportation.

All photographs copyrighted by David L. Magney 2004.

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Scenes of Puerto Montt

A variety of city scenes, all at the port.

Low tide had beached these fishing boats, which were nicely colored. Hundreds of small shops lined the waterfront, offering a wide variety of trinkets and wares to the tourists.

Some wannabe Gaucho! I purchased the Alpaca wool poncho and felt Goucho hat here on the waterfront.

Volcán Osorno is a grand and dominant mountain visible from Puerto Montt.   Pampas Grass is native here!

Kayaking is a pleasant means of exploring the lakes and rivers near Puerto Montt.

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