Boulder Mountain Scenes & Wildflowers

31 July 2005

Boulder Mountain is dominated by mixed conifer forest with extensive montane meadows, boulder fields, and Aspen groves, and thousands of lakes.   July and August can still find may wildflowers blooming and nice temperatures above 8,000 feet, with the summit of Boulder Mountain just over 11,000 feet.

All photos copyrighted by David L. Magney 2003-2005.

This page updated: 6 January 2008

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Populus tremuloides - Aspen Grove - Willow Family [Salicaceae] (July 2005)

Castilleja - an Indian Paintbrush - Orobanchaceae [Broom-rape Family] (July 2005)

Iris - an Iris - Iridaceae [Iris Family] (July 2005)

Aquilegia - a Columbine - Ranunculaceae [Crowfoot Family] (July 2005)

A fern emerging out of the volcanic rock at the top of Boulder Mountain at Trail Point (July 2005).

Berberis - a Barberry - Berberidiaceae [Barberry Family]

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