Granite Mountains Scenes

23 March 2005

Updated: 14 February 2011

The Granite Mountains are in the eastern Mojave Desert, within the East Mojave National Preserve, just north of I-40.

All photos copyrighted by David L. Magney 2005

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Landscape Scenes of the Granite Mountains

View from east face of Granite Mountains, San Bernardino County.   The Van Winkle Mountains are to the right, and are small, with the Marble Mountains further to the south, south of I-40.   The Providence Mountains are east and northest of the Granite Mountains, and higher too. Cima Dome can be seen to the distant north-northeast and the Kelso Dunes due north.   The Kelso Dunes and the Devil's Playground is the lower end of the Mojave River.   This is greener then the Granite Mountains have been in a very long time.   The following photographs were taken along the Al A. Alanson Trail, which is on the University of California Preserve, used for research purposes only.

Pseudo-panorama view from east face of Granite Mountains, looking east to the Providence Mountains (left) and southeast to the Van Winkle Mountains and then the Marble Mountains (right).

Various landscape scenes from the Al A. Alanson Trail on the east side of the Granite Mountains.

Tent Caterpillars

More landscape scenes along the Al A. Alanson Trail on the east side of the Granite Mountains.

Jay Sullivan thinks he is ducking below the view of the camera to get out of the way of my landscape shot; however, I meant to capture him in the photo.

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