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Environmental Education and Interpretation

Environmental Education and Interpretation

Environmental education and interpretation are specialized fields with the purpose of educating the public about the relationships and complexities of an environment.

Environmental interpretation utilizes a myriad of specialized fields, including botany, ecology, entomology, ichthyology, mammology, ornithology, and taxonomy, to name a few.   Environmental interpretation is a specialized field that requires the scientist to provide interpretretation, in simple terms, of how the environment works, from the basic concepts of the water cycle to very complex concepts of population dynamics and genetics.

The environmental educator must understand the complexities of our natural environment and distill the science into an understandable and easily accessable form.   Environmental education is important at all levels, from the general public to students.

In the environmental consulting arena, environmental education focuses on a narrower scope, from educating construction workers, policy makers, decisionmakers, and land managers.

David Magney Environmental Consulting (DMEC) staff have a extensive breadth of knowledge and experience in both formal and informal environmental education and interpretation.

DMEC has provided text and graphics on a number of projects specifically designed to educate the public about different aspects of the environment.   Examples include:
  • Identification and interpretation of twenty botanical management areas along California highways;
  • Interpretive sign text for Cluff Vista (native plant) Park in Ojai, California
  • Interpretive signs on various topics for PG&E's Bear Valley Discovery Trail in the northern Sierra Nevada; and
  • Design of a native plant pollination garden at the Simi Valley landfill (click here to see design).
Descriptions of some environmental education projects DMEC has worked on are described on DMEC's Projects webpage.   Ojai's Cluff Vista Park can be viewed on Magney's Cluff Vista Park webpages for that unique park.

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