The Cape and Cape Master Eucalyptus Tree Asssessment

Updated 17 April 2009

David Magney Environmental Consulting (DMEC) assessed the conditions and health of 38 mature Tasmanian Blue Gum (Eucalyptus globulus ssp. globulus) trees at The Cape and Cape Master housing developments, in eastern Ventura, California.

All reports copyrighted by David Magney Environmental Consulting 2009.

Links to RPM Services Tree Assessment Documents

Eucalyptus Tree Assessment Report 17 April 2009 [45.6 MB PDF, without Appendix A]
Appendix A, field survey tree assessment forms, 17 April 2009 [22.6 MB PDF]

General Map of Eucalyptus Tree Project Site
RPM Services - General Project Site Location Map
Map of The Cape & Cape Master Project Site Eucalyptus Trees
RPM Services - Eucalyptus Tree Project Site Map

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